The Importance of Reading & My All Time Favorite Children’s Books

October 12, 2017

Books provide us with endless opportunities to expand our imagination, increase our knowledge and explore creativity.

Imagine a life without books. Where would we be? What would we be doing?

(This post contains amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link. I only recommend products that I love.)

Growing up I always knew that I wanted to become a teacher. So that’s what I did!

While attending college at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa I grew a passion and interest in special education. It was after my 1st year there that I decided I would work towards a dual major, special education and general education K-6.

Before I become a mother I was a day time school mother to my special education students.

By the time I had started my career as a special education teacher I had already started my own personal collection of books. All you teachers out there can totally relate!


Whether you’re a mother, father, teacher, grandparent, or a friend, reading on our own or to another person is critical in life.

Here are some important reasons why reading is important to children:

  • Bonding time-When reading to a child you create a special bond. You sit, talk and share about the adventure within any story. You create a sense of safety and comfort with that child. You also capture a child’s interest with topics he/she loves.


  • Academic readiness-Reading with a child helps them develop academic readiness skills such as holding the book the right way, turning the pages one by one, and attending to the story. Reading with them also improves their memory based on repetition that happens in many children’s books.


  • Language-Reading with children plays a big role on developing receptive and expressive language. Receptive language is the ability to understand what someone says. Expressive language is a persons verbal and nonverbal communication (speaking). When reading to a child, it teaches them that pictures have names/labels and words can convey meaning.


  • Imagination-Reading with children helps them to build creativity and imagination of the possibilities in their world.


  • Knowledge-When reading to a child, you are teaching them that they can gain information from a story. It teaches them that they can learn from a story or book.


  • Experience the world-Books let children know that there is a whole world out there. It can teach children about people, places and things that could be miles and miles away. It can also teach children about the history of life.

When should you start reading to a child?

Immediately! With my first child, I read almost every night to her while she was in my tummy.

Once you give birth, read to your child as much as possible.

Many people include a story as part of their bedtime routine. If you’re anything like me, bedtime routines are a rush. No matter how early we start we always run out of time.

So instead, we read throughout the day, and at different times.

But don’t think that you always have to be the one to read to them. Create a little nook/area in your home where your child can access books. You’ll be surprised to see that once you have introduced books to them they may just do a little bit of quiet “reading” on their own.

Here are some of my favorites that also became favorites of my own children:

A great option for reading for free is to get a free public library card.

A great option for spending less money and saving space in your home is to get a Kids Kindle and download favorite books and take them anywhere.

Other ways to encourage academic readiness and development is to encourage your child to label and identify objects, pictures, etc. within their environment. You’ll be surprised how aware they are to their surroundings.

I hope that I was able to encourage you and provide you ways on spending quality time reading with your little one.

Love children’s books just as much as I do? I would love to hear about your faves! ♥

(This post contains amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link. I only recommend products that I love.)

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Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

I loved Where The Wild Things Are when I was a kid. It is such an awesome choice.


I agree on all concepts of why reading to and with your kids is important, and so many of these classic books are from my own childhood!

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