My Struggles with Breastfeeding-Part 3

August 11, 2017

Were you a lucky one that breastfeeding came naturally with no hiccups? If so, this isn’t the blog for you!

This is for all you mamas out there that has struggled baby after baby to get that special skill down called breastfeeding.

Yes it is a skill that some of us practically kill ourselves trying to achieve.

I was one of those mamas.

I feel that struggling with breastfeeding with 4 children has given me the right to blog about it.

This is PART 3! If you haven’t already done so, read both Part 1 and Part 2.

With each child my breastfeeding struggles were different.

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On June 25, 2014 Temana was born. He was a whopping 8 pounds and 6 ounces. He was healthy and I had a great labor (I mean when is labor ever great! I mean it went without any complications).

Just a friendly tip, if you hope to receive pain meds and an epidural, do not dilly dally on your way to the hospital. Get there at the first sign of labor. I didn’t get there in time to receive a whole IV bag and an epidural. My first natural labor. OUCH!

The nurses were great. They put him on my chest as soon as they wrapped him. He stayed there and we bonded immediately. Within the first 30 minutes I put him to my breast. He and I stumbled a little but to my astonishment he latched. Yayyyyyy!

With the struggles I had with the first two babies this was an accomplishment! I was ecstatic!

He nursed for 20 minutes. I was so so very excited. I was already less stressed.

We moved out of our spacious room and into the matchbox recovery room that we would stay in for the next couple days.

I felt confident & ready to try my other breast. The right boob was always the side that I struggled with the most. I’m guessing because it’s more inverted.

After fumbling for about 5 minutes and dripping in sweat I decided to take a break. Temana was out cold and not interested anyway.

I tried to stay calm and reassure myself that it was going to be ok.

We left the hospital just like with the other 2. Still no milk and still not latching on efficiently. BUT I was determined. Third times a charm. He had to get it! He got it right out of the womb.

Within the next few days at home he was able to latch pretty good on my left but really struggled with my right. My milk came in and he was getting some nutrition.

Although he was latching, each time to feed I cringed. My breast were so tender, it was bleeding and there was a sharp pain every time he latched. I would hunch over and my body would freeze until the pain slowly eased up. I was always sweaty from the dealing with the pain. OUCH!

I googled and googled to see what would be the best remedy and to see if my latch was incorrect.

Of course I had conflicted information from different blogs, medical journals, etc.

It was ok. I was taking ibuprofen in hopes that it would help. I was determined to continue to try since this was the closest I ever got to breastfeeding.

It was four days after Temana was born. We had our first baby wellness check up.

One of the first things the nurse does is check his weight, length, head size and temperature.

Immediately she asks what his birth weight was. I respond, “8.6. lbs. Why?”

My immediate thoughts were “Eek! What’s wrong? Is he not growing? What did I do?”

She assured me that it was ok and that she would let the doctor talk to me.

By the 4th day after birth, Temana was supposed to be back to birth weight. The doctor wasn’t too concerned, just a little concerned. We scheduled a follow up appointment for 2 days later.

I left the doctors office not feeling so good. Was I not feeding him enough? Was there not enough milk? Was he not latching on correctly?

My husband reassured me that it would be ok and to keep up trying to breastfeed.

2 days later we went to our follow up appointment. I was hoping for the best. Was my baby boy growing as expected?

My world suddenly came crushing down. The doctor told me that he as still not at birth weight.

I felt like the worst mom ever. What was I going to do?

This is what the doctor recommended: 

  • I supplement with formula
  • Pump and feed with a bottle so that I can measure how much he eats and make sure that he eats enough.
  • Feed him every 2-3 hours
  • Bring him back to check his weight within the next 3 days

I left the doctors office and just cried and cried. I let my little baby down. I failed and wasn’t feeding him enough. I was able to latch but he wasn’t being nourished enough.

It was the start to my depressed moods. I was sad. I was disappointed. I was frustrated. I was unsure.

I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want to hold my new baby. I didn’t want to interact with my other two children.

There were so many questions I had. Would he be able latch again after being fed a bottle? Would he ever be able to breastfeed again? Was he going to be ok?

For the next few days I pumped and we fed him with a bottle. My milk was able to keep up but barely.

We went to the doctor again to check his weight. I was literally holding my breath hoping that he was in the clear and back to birth weight.

It was music to my ears to hear that Temana was past his birth weight. Yay! my baby boy was going to be ok.

My first question was “would I be able to breastfeed again?” And the doctors answer was yes!

I was ready!

But my heart started to beat fast. My memory of the sharp pain I got when he latched came rushing back to mind. Oh no!!!!

To my surprise the pain this time was bareable. What was it? Was it because I took a break and pumped so it was able to heal. Who knows?!

We fumbled a little but I was able to get him latched. Yay! I was so very happy.

Next feeding we tried the harder side. We continued to work on the right side every feeding. We tried the right side first at every feeding.

We just couldn’t get him to nurse on the right side. It was frustrating both Temana and I.

After about two weeks and googling and googling, I decided that I would nurse on one side and pump on the other. No problem!

Yes there was a problem! Because he wasn’t nursing on the right side for a  couple weeks, there was barely any milk. I was back to googling options.

(This post contains amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link. I only recommend products that I love.)

While searching for different options for supplements that were known to increase and encourage milk production I found Nursing Blend on

Prior to using nursing blend I tried Mother’s Milk Tea, Fenugreek Pills, and drinking a ton of water all day everyday.

The only thing that helped my milk production at the time was the milkies all natural supplements. The great thing is that it has enough nutrients in it to act as your prenatals as well.

Purchase Milikes nursing blend supplements at the link below through

Milkies Nursing Blend to Increase Breast Milk Supply

I used it for the entire year that I breastfed (and formula fed) Temana. It helped to keep up with whatever milk I had.

After about 3 weeks of taking the supplement I could tell that my milk became fattier and it increased. It didn’t increase enough to only feed Temana breastmilk, but it was a little bit more at least.

Was I a total success in the breastfeeding department?! Heck ya!!! I did what I could manage and kept my baby healthy!

Did I exclusively breastfeed? Nope!

Was I any less of an awesome mama? Nope!

Total success in my eyes! Total success in the eyes of my baby too!

You should feel awesome too with any amount of success that you experience. Enjoy your baby! Don’t be stressed like I was!

Stay tuned for my breastfeeding struggles with my 4th child Mila♥

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Submit a comment♥

(This post contains amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link. I only recommend products that I love.)

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